Children need to imbibe the spirit of competitiveness from an early age and start preparation for major milestone achievements, well in advance so as to avoid stress and pressure of preparation.


    Subjects: Maths,Sci,Eng,SST,Mental Ability.

    The Program Trains a Student for Overall Logical Thinking and Scientific Aptitude at an early age thereby Transforming the Academic Life of Students. This is the time while a Student Encounters Change in Academic Methodology from a text based Academics in Class V to a Matured Academic Life in Class VI and Beyond…

    This program will also guide the students to approach Science & Mathematics in an objective manner to solve complex numerical problems.Biology will also be an integral part of this Program. Parents will be able to notice substantial difference in the analytical skills and IQ of their little ones.


    Subjects: Maths,Sci,Eng,SST,Mental Ability.

    The course will lay Strong Foundation & Preliminary Preparation for various Competitive / Scholastic Exams like NTSE, International Level Olympiads in Mathematics and Junior Sciences (National and Regional Level stages as National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS) and Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO)) and will also ensure Excellence in School Exam.


    Subjects: Maths,Sci,Eng,SST,Mental Ability.

    Students also gain important exam practice through quizzes, phase tests, & mock tests (conducted in a simulated environment giving the students a ‘feel’ of the real exam) that can help them improve their examination temperament - a necessary element for success in any competitive exam.