Parent Corner

Parent Corner

In Gyanmudra we also focus to provide maximum satisfaction to Guardians by updating them regularly about their child performance.

Many times the parents tend to presume that the deposition of fee in the coaching institute/school is there only responsibility. Parents and guardians are specially requested to ensure that their ward is extremely regular to the classes. They are supposed to provide proper study atmosphere (free from noise pollution and distractions of television etc.) in home and should keep proper vigilance on their children such that they are in right track. Also they should not create unnecessary pressure on the child to perform well in the tests. Rather positive motivation to work hard in smarter way pushes the child much ahead.

At Gyanmudra our core philosophy is that, given the proper environment, every child is capable of learning. On this steadfast foundation, we have built the ultimate focused learning environment—free of distractions and packed with meaningful challenges: a place where every moment is spent really learning.

Thus Parents need not to worry about their child academic performance as we are here to make them great scholars to achieve heights in their life.

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